Audit and Assurance

Through our associated company we offer you a full comprehensive audit and assurance service package.



Our work involves


Examination of the financial statements of your company and advice on all high risk areas. We provide you with a list of useful suggestions on areas you need to improve in the future for the smooth running of your business.


We undertake to streamline your financial statements according to the International Financial Reporting Standards.


We will ensure that your results comply with the rules set by the Inland Revenue authority in Cyprus and give you advice on any areas that you need to watch out.



During our work we make sure to focus on significant, timely, and useful information for the management and the public. Our aim is to make our reports accurate, clear, convincing, objective, fair, and constructive. We make an effort to make efficient use of our time. We communicate in a friendly way and aim to be fair and objective and at the same time we seek to improve our knowledge, skills, and abilities through training, work experiences.


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