Corporate Administration

We can run your day to day business as if you have an office on the island. Being away doesn’t have to mean that you can leave things to chance.

We take the running of your company seriously and that is why we offer you only the very best in quality and timely service to save you time and money.



Amongst other things we can offer you the following services:


Approach legal advisors to get the a legal opinion on your behalf on any business or personal issue.


We can provide you with a mail forwarding service.


We provide you upon request, of bank signatories.


The processing of your bank transactions following your instructions.


We deal with any bank matters like the opening of your bank account and the issue of credit cards.


If you need a telephone or fax service we will be happy to provide you with all possible facilities.


Issuing of your sales invoices and receiving money from your customers.
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