A.E. Corporate Services Welcomes You

Welcome to A.E. Corporate Services, your global landmark for comprehensive business services and advice.

Our basic premise is the provision of our knowledge and expertise to all of our clients and to all those that approach our firm for guidance on business issues. I am sure you will get the opportunity to experience our service soon and that is how you will discover that we offer more than just business advice. We provide our clients with so much more!



Going through this brochure you will begin to feel the difference in our approach and the close personal attention we so much seek to give to all of you. We not only take the time to learn about your business but we also turn all that knowledge into a powerful action plan geared towards the achievement of all your financial objectives.


At A.E. Corporate Services we have values and we value you as one of our most precious assets. We build trust and at the same time we keep our professionalism at the highest level.

Over the next few pages, you will read about the A.E. Corporate Services approach and you will discover the variety of services that we offer. This is the beginning of your journey with us and we want you to travel with style and comfort through the different useful and beneficial economic advice destinations we are going to take you!




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